Monday, 23 July 2007

Brenda's class

I didn't realise it had been a week since my last post - sorry about that.
We had another great class with Brenda at the Bramble Patch. Luckily the brook at the bottom of the car park kept at the same high level and didn't break into the car park. The photos above a piece I worked on on Saturday. I traced the shape of bricks onto freezer paper and used a craft knife to cut out some of the shapes. I ironed the freezer paper onto the rust dyed fabric I'd made last week. Using the Castell Pit Artists pens I coloured in the fabrics areas and the freezer paper gave a nice crisp edge. I will probably embellish the piece more - but I'm pleased with it as a starting point. I used the pieces I'd cut out on another piece of the rust dyed fabric and coloured around those - again another good starting point.

And here I am drying all of the bits of fabric I've bought over the last few shopping trips. Unfortunately the washing machine broke last week so I had to wash and wring them out by hand - you forget how long it takes. I've collected a new washing machine today and hopefully we'll have it fitted tonight.
I was also busy printing off lots of images onto fabric I'd pre-soaked with Bubble Jet Set 2000 and ironed onto freezer paper. These images will be cut up and used in a few different ways - I'll share these with you another time.

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Marisa said...

5 days away to just sew? Sounds like a dream come true to me. Looks like everybody did a very nice job on their projects. Thanks for the post and the beautiful pictures.