Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Sewing Camp

I'm back after 5 wonderful days of sewing and nothing but sewing. DH calls it Sewing Camp - but perhaps it should be referred to as a sewing retreat. It's a heavy photo edition this time - be warned.
Lots of us from our village group attend these five days - but we can't share cars as when you take ALL of your fabrics and kit there isn't room for sets of it plus 2 people. You can see my car was rather full and my front seat had my machine strapped in. Luckily for us it's only a 25 minute drive away at Quorn Hall.

Here's our room where 9 of us slave away over our machines. It's a very relaxed atmosphere - we have a good laugh and can top up with tea and coffee when we like. I'd hate to have to clean it after we've finished as the carpet is covered with threads.
Each summer the week has a theme and patterns are supplied in relation to this - however you don't have to do any of the patterns supplied you can do your own thing - that's what I decided to do.
The main thing I was keen to make progress with was my bright quilt - which I think will be called Sunburst. I've managed to add the borders, make the back (see the photo below) and sandwiched it together. I did try to machine quilt a few rows - but I didn't think my efforts were good enough. I then had to unpick the rows. The others in the room were really helpful and gave me lots of tips of how to make a better job of it next time - but with hindsight I really need to make some smaller ones before I jump in to machine quilt a larger quilt.

We have Christmas Day on the Sunday - yes I know it's July. In preparation we make presents for each other. This year we drew names out of a hat and had to decorate a book for that person. I had to be very careful as my nominated recipient was sitting next to me - but luckily she popped off for a morning so I cracked on. You can see the book cover below. I was pleased with it and so was Sarah J.

Christmas Day is also spent - by most but not all - make Christmas items - I photographed some of the samples below. Most in my room opted for the Stocking - I think perhaps some wished they hadn't. I should say all of the girls are really proficient and talented at quilting and can sew very well. But this Stocking proved to be a real pain in the bum - it too them ages and took considerable brain power. The photo doesn't really show it but it's actually got 3 pockets so you can fill it with lots of little things and they stick out in an attractive way. I'm glad I opted to plod on with my own thing.

Here we are most of my room having Christmas Dinner - and yes we do have Christmas Pudding too.

Here's a photo of some blocks I made - but I need some more cream material for the borders and some backing too. I'm really pleased with it.

I also made a small cot quilt top from a charm pack. I tried a new style for me - crazy patchwork. I was really pleased with the results.

Just before we leave we have a show and tell so everyone can see who has made what. It great to see the same patterns being made in different colourways. It does take a while to get through the 40 of us.
I'll post some more photos tomorrow of the show and tell and also of the items I made from the demo. Each day after breakfast we have a demo and the idea is that you can then make it during the day - this time the demos were for a desk tidy. a sashiko pincushion, tissue box cover and I demod my raggy cushion. It's nice to have these little things to make as it breaks up the day and you do get to finish them.
I really had a great time and I'm so pleased I booked today off as leave as I'm shattered. The only thing you stop for is to eat and to sleep - and the rest of the time you sew.


Karol-Ann said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful productive time!
I particularily like your cream and brown blocks.

anna said...

Five WHOLE days??? How fun! Thanks for sharing -- it's so nice to see what quilters in other countries are up to. We're so alike -- yet so far away. You all look so cute in your crowns! ;-)

Jane Weston said...

5 days away sewing 24/7...sounds like heaven..though I don't think my family could survive that long without me :o)

Helen in the UK said...

5 days of sewing - what fun! You achieved so much. Particularly like the triangular father xmases. I love the idea of a proper xmas in July with a full dinner and xmas projects to sew :)

dizzyjadey said...

Wow! I'd love to go to a sewing camp. I love your both your sets of blocks. I still have to try crazy patchwork myself.