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Quilter's Guild day

Well here are a few photos of the Quilters Guild day at Kenilworth.
The first photo shows the hall where the neo-natal quilts were displayed and where the traders had their stalls. Really for the size of the event there were a really good number of traders - such as Monkey Buttons, The Quilters Den, White Cottage, Corner House Crafts, African Textiles, Asding - a quite a few more - sorry I can't remember them all.
Here we are outside of the traders hall having a bit of time sewing.

And here is everyone gathered around the front of the area where the talks were given by Rosalind Johansson and Barbara Weeks.
Rosalind spoke about her time in East Africa and had a number of examples of traditional textiles and dress - some members even got into dressing up mode... sorry no photos of that.
Barbara described the techniques she used for dying and had a good range of examples of her work. Many of you may have seen at the FoQ her piece based on the Gherkin. She bought his along and as it was hung with natural light behind it the transparent panel she'd inserted was shown off the great effect.
And finally here's the infamous cake - it was actually quite good.
You'll be pleased to hear we did of course have a raffle - and yes I won 2 fat quarters of fabric.
For all of you based in the UK - please do have a look at the Quilters Guild website and see what's on in your region - it's a great opportunity to see and hear what's going on.


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Outstanding Projects

Do you remember when this... became this? Well - It's time to get it finished.  This is my next project.  I intend to hand quilt kit with big black stitches. I always like to have a hand quilting project.
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