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September already

Well it's September already and tonight is our first meeting of the Market Bosworth Quilters. We've got to discuss the open day on Saturday and sort out what we'll be doing.
I didn't mean to leave so long until I posted - but as you can see from the photos I have been busy practising free machine embroidery. Really I wanted to be able to wake up one morning and just be really, really good at it. As that hasn't happened I thought I should get on with some practise. I've been using my Ineke Berlyn little book that I bought at the FoQ. I've also found that if I doodle on a piece of paper I can then replicate this with the machine - by doodling I get to see where the pattern is going and how I fill the space I need to. And by practising this on paper I don't up wasting material.
Thank you all so much for the lovely comments about my quilt I finished. I went to Kisko on Sunday with Angela and I bought some material so I can finish off another top I started at Quorn.
After buying material we went to the Picasso exhibition. Now I know many of you may have seem great collections of his work across the world and may be a little surprised that Leicester has a collection on a par with new York - but it's true. It's been donated by Sir Richard Attenborough in memory of his daughter and grand daughter who died in the Boxing Day tsunami 2004.


Thimbleanna said…
Hey -- if you figure out how to just wake up and be good at machine quilting, you could make a lot of money! Your scribbles are looking good -- as they say, practice makes perfect! I need to practice -- a lot! Thanks for the info on the Picasso exhibit -- very interesting!
Helen in the UK said…
Looks like your quilting is coming along very well. Courage, deep breaths and lots of practice is the only way to improve with free-motion work. Thanks for the tip about drawing on paper first :)

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