Saturday, 19 January 2008

Brenda class

It was so good to meet up with familiar faces at the Bramble Patch today for our first class of 2008. I think we were all feeling a bit rusty after our break - but we soon settled in.

Brenda set us all a challenge - do one thing each day towards your creativity and she calculated that we have 34 days until our next class. As you can see I've added my list on my right hand side bar to share with you all. perhaps you;d like to join in and let me know what you're going to do each day. It doesn't have to be a huge thing - perhaps just looking at a book about an artist or having a doodle.

I've also decided I need to get more organised - yep that old chestnut again.

And, for those of you who go to the class, you won't be disappointed to see my tea bad dying experiment with calico. Here's the recipe
1 pint hot water
3 tea bags - Tetley's decaffeinated
4 pieces of calico added and then removed at 5,10 15 and 20 minutes. I'll post you a photo of the results soon - when I';ve got them in my sample book.
I'm now going to try it on my screen printed pieces.

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Quilt Pixie said...

I've never used tetly for dyeing... but can tell you some of the herbals provide a nice rose colour :-)