Sunday, 13 January 2008

Oh dear...

...I didn't realise I hadn't posted in a while.
Well I hope you are all well and enjoying the new year. Have you broken your resolutions yet? Or are you like me and haven't really decided on what ones to go for?
I'm playing with the idea of joining a gym. I've got a free 5 day pass for one locally so I'll give it a go and then decide.
No too much progress on the crafting front recently (hence no photos)- but the house is back to normal now my mum has gone to stay with her friend and Christmas is over. It's so nice to have it all back to normal and be able to have my sewing room back. It was also a good opportunity to re-arrange the furniture in there and give it a good clean. It looks great at the moment but I do have 2 boxes I need to empty and then I'm sure it'll look much as it did before (a bit of a mess).
I also have some homework to do for my next class at the Bramble Patch. I really must crack on with it otherwise the week will fly along and it still won't be done.

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