Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Review of goals for 2007

When I started my class at The Bramble Patch with Brenda Boardman she asked all of us to think about what we wanted to achieve from the classes, what our goals were. I’m rather bad at this as I don’t write goals well – so I never know if I got there or not. But anyway I did write the following goals:
-More confident use of colour
-Diverse use of different textiles
-Develop techniques
-Develop use of sketchbooks

She then asked us to write what the reality of where we were now against these goals:
-At the moment I play safe with colours and tend to use fabrics from within a manufactured range
-I always use manufactured fabrics
-I am open and willing to develop techniques
-I’m not confident with putting pen to paper

So that’s where I was – but where am I now?
-I have used colours more confidently – for example with my Sunburst – very bright, red, yellow and orange. But I do still need to have more of a go with this – perhaps by making smaller pieces in different colour ranges I could develop a range to refer to when making larger pieces
-I always used manufactured fabrics as I didn’t know how to dye my own. Now I have more of an idea. But what I really want to do in my next classes is to work on more ideas for fabric design.
-I’ve been more than willing to try all of the techniques Brenda has shown us. I’ve really enjoyed it. But what I have found out is that you actually get more from using a technique the second time around as you know what the options are and have seen others in the class using the same technique but in different ways.
-Well, I am better at putting pen to paper – and my art class did give me more confidence, but I need to do more of it.

I found this exercise suggested by Brenda very useful as it’s highlighted what the gaps are with the goals from last year. I can now decide what I need to do to close the gaps between the goal and reality – or perhaps even abandon some of the goals and set new ones.

What goals have you set yourself in crafting for 2008?

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Ahava Hopps Brooke said...

I have only one real goal: to make as much art this year as possible. I've got a great stack of Dutch and Japanese imported fabric from Houston IQF. I'm finishing a quilt restoration project - then diving into the stack. I also plan on improving my quilt studio this year. I will place a flannel quilt wall. I will use an inherited vintage oak card catalog to organize (ha! for a little while) my fabric collection. I want to do more smaller projects (wall sized) to explore some series that have been in my head. I intend to still hand quilt them. I just love the texture and experience of hand quilting. cheers.