Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Another Day out

Hello all and Happy New Year. I hope the start of this New Year finds you all well.
I'd like to share a few links with for artists whose work I saw at the Ferrars Gallery at Staunton Harold at the end of December. They were really varied and interesting.

The first artist is Blandine Anderson - who paints and sculpts. The pictures at the gallery were predominately of fares and sheep. The texture was created by mixing sand with the paint, applying whilst wet and then sculpting it when dry. The results were really interesting - I resisted the temptation to have a feel LOL.

Priscilla Jones displayed some very interesting fabric pictures - in beautiful pastel colours. I particularly liked the spoons and sundae one.

Next was an enormous pelican on a post (Duncan Thurlby) - it was very large and really beautiful. I would love it have something like that but the reality is I couldn't afford it and we don't have the space.

Darren Dearden angel called someone to watch over me was simplistic. He had used buttons within the heart shape and foil within the wings. Very simple but I loved it.
The funniest things were the ceramic dogs made by Virginia Dowe - they are just so cute - almost like a jointed teddy bear. They have great expressions.

I hope you like having a look at their websites and it you're in the area do have a look in the Ferrars Gallery - they have a wide price range of products - well worth a look at.

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