Thursday, 17 February 2011


 YAY - finished
I'm really please to have finished this. It's not exactly as the one we were shown on the class - but it is in the style of. I've really enjoyed doing something different. Beading wasn't something I'd really done before - but I'm pleased with the finished piece and would certainly include it again as embellishment.
 And here is one of the altered books I'm working on. The cover (above) and the inside pages (below).
I won't be able to show you anything else on this until I get it back - completed - at the end of the year.
As you've probably guessed the theme is 'The Celts'. I'm intrigued what others will some up with.
Hmmm. I need to find something else to make now....


Jacqui said...

Both lovely but especially the little quilt

Selina said...

Ooh, they all look lovely. Loving the colours and bead work on the quilt.

Thanks for joining me for P&P day yesterday and the little handmade book. Must get back to my sketching! :-)

Sarah said...

Lovely little quilt, setting the little gems on the slant makes it work really well.