Saturday, 12 February 2011


 So - I hope you're all well.
As you can see I have made progress with the beading and I hope to have it finished next week. I've enjoyed working on a different scale.
And I've also found time to paint some papers. I used good quality lining paper and Brusho paints. I'm rather pleased with the results.
I'll let you know what I make them into.
I've enjoyed the sun this morning. I managed to get into the garden and hack back the buddleia. It looks a lot more open now. Still lots to do but I thought I'd spend the rest of the afternoon having a play with a few things I've got on the go.
Hope you're all well and hope to hear from you soon.


Selina said...

That bead work looks really pretty.

Kate said...

See you've been keeping busy with the beading! Managed to get my main block done too and now putting a few rows of 'seedlings' in - not on Viv's original. Been having a browse through your earlier posts- what a lot of things you've been doing! How do you find time for work? Look forward to seeing some of your pieces in Lutterworth's exhibitions.
See you soon,
Kate Jacklin

Sarah said...

You have been busy, you are lucky to belong to Lutterworth Embroiderers they seem to be a really talented and committed group.
Sarah S