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Brenda's class

Well - a really quick blog tonight as I need to sort out my shopping list for Malvern for tomorrow. I thought I'd post a few photos of my class today at The Bramble Patch. The first on is of the class gathered around looking at Leanne's work as she was trying to decide how to put her quilt together. The next one is an empty class room - it shows the work Brenda has put up to illustrate the photo transfer technique we were using. The last one is of our work pinned up for 'show and tell' - my work is top right - the brown log style cabin.

I think we all had a great day and learnt lots.

I thought some of you might like to see Flo in her blue velvet harness having a walk around the garden. She's not very keen on the outdoor life at present - she'll have to get used to it. She was also very naughty as instead of being subdued after her little op - she decided she'd like to run up the curtains, just to see how much my blood pressure could take.


Jane Weston said…
hope you have a great time at Malvern tomorrow :o)
dizzyjadey said…
LOL! Our cat would never want to have a harness on him....good for you. Btw, I was laughing when I saw you #1 below on the pink hair. Hair disasters always seem to happen during the teen years, don't they? Also, I can't seem to see the comments url on that post. Could it be just me?

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