Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Post, WIP and the kitten's first time loose in the garden

Well - a very exciting post day as my first package from the Fabric Swap 3 came through - it was from Penny. It's all really nice - I'm really pleased and I'll share with you all what I make with them.

Next is the log style cabin I made with the potassium permanganate fabrics made at Edwina's class at Bramble Patch together with the photo transfer fabric from last weeks class with Brenda Boardman. I was really pleased with the results so far - there is still some work to do on it. Can you see the fabric I made the other week has also been incorporated?

And finally here's a photo of Flo's first outing (without harness) into the big wide world of the garden. She really enjoyed chasing the bees. I hope you can see her peeping out.


Penny said...

I'm glad you like them, I had great fun choosing them.

(And I'm really impressed by how quickly they got to you - less then 16 hours in the post.)

Rose Marie said...

Your kitten is as sweet as your flowers! I'm envious as I can't seem to grow delphs. and foxgloves for more than one season. I keep hoping they reseed but they don't.

Jane Weston said...

What a fantastic picture of Flo...she looks like she's really happy and has her eye fixed on something! LOL