Thursday, 31 May 2007

Workroom and Linus day

Well here we all are at the Bramble Patch on a Linus Day. We all had a great time - very relaxing but you know you're making a small contribution.

Next are my bargain books from Amazon UK. The three large ones were only £3.00 each and I just thought that 'Zen and the art of quilting' would be a fun book to look at.

And finally - I've been very envious of those of you who have been re-vamping their craft rooms - well this is my small effort. DH very kindly put up these two cork noticeboards so I can use them as mood boards for me to look at whilst I'm sewing.
The weather has been very strange lately - freezing on Sunday - humid today and just lots and lots of rain.


Helen in the UK said...

How fun to attend a get together to sew for Project Linus - wish I was closer!

Susan D said...

I'd not hear of Project Linus but just googled it to find out more. What a lovely idea. I'll have to find out if there is one in my area.