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Brenda's class

Well here we are again having a great day at The Bramble Patch. It was so nice to meet up with everyone and see what they've been up to. One piece of homework one lady undertook was to get very large pieces of paper and to make marks on it whilst listening to a piece of music. he results were very interesting - and we ended up having the music on for the rest of the lesson which was really nice for a change. We then all came up with lots of ideas about how the work could be progressed. Brenda also discussed the programme for next year - it sounds great.

You can see from the boards above some of the work started. From the left is a piece that will form the background of her work and the mood board associated with it. Next is my piece that I've now completed but still needs lots of work. The final piece is a length of fabric that was dyed. I think they all look great and they show the variety of work we all make. It was a really relaxed day and was so nice to have a catch up.


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Outstanding Projects

Do you remember when this... became this? Well - It's time to get it finished.  This is my next project.  I intend to hand quilt kit with big black stitches. I always like to have a hand quilting project.
Last night I went to the Lutterworth Embroiderers Guild talk.  It was a great talk from Gizella K Warburton.  She shared her work with us - both textile work and photographs.  I really enjoyed seeing both.  Do have a look at her work.  It's abstract and uses some great fabrics which give the feel of the countryside.  These images give you a hint at the work Gizella produces. I hope to make progress with a few things this weekend and I'll post about it next week. Have a great weekend.

How to avoid lots of unpicking!

As I'd made good progress with making up this quilt top I had the bright idea to add a 'fillet' of yellow to brighten it up and add a couple of borders. So the idea was there - but how to do it wasn't - hence lots of unpicking.  I thought I'd share how I worked it out so you could avoid the unpicking So cut a 1 inch strip, iron in half and baste along the outer edge of the quilt. I basted along the edge so they be picked out easily - there is still a bit of unpicking.  Then stitch on the next border. 
Then press out and remove the basting. YAY. How else can you spend a damp Bank Holiday weekend. Hope you're all enjoying sewing too. Best wishes