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Tidy room

Well - we did it.
I must confess without DH nagging and helping (lots) the computer room would still be a real mess. We can now see all the surfaces, all the carpet and most things have somewhere to live. Even the bookcases have some spare room on them and all of the magazines are in seperrate piles and in order - yes I know it's a bit OCD but it's great being able to find things. It's a miracle. I'd show you a photo of before and after - but I'm so embarrassed.
Next weekend (apparently) we're attacking the sewing room. LOL
I did hope I'd be able to crack on with some sewing at the weekend - but the tidying and other little jobs took up all the time. Anyway it's quilting meeting at my house tonight - and I even baked some cookies. Hopefully this week might be a bit more crafty.
Hope you all had a good weekend.


Quilt Pixie said…
with everything having a home, its so much easier to keep things tidy and picked up I find....

Does your DH hire himself out? :-)
fiona d said…
Yay - well done! I love that clean clear feeling, not that I experience it very often... I did make a little progress in my office this week, you are inspiring me to do some more.

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