Friday, 5 October 2007

Drawing class

I'm really enjoying the drawing classes. I know I'm not the best but it's very satisfying to see that what you've drawn does resemble the items in front of you.
The first drawing above was one of the 5 minute sketches we had to do. The idea is that you're less frightened of the white paper. We did about 3 of these using different media and the idea with the one above was that you didn't draw a line.
This one is what the majority of the lesson was spent on. Again no lines, concentrating on light and shade and using charcoal. I was really pleased with it.
And here's some quilting (at last).
It's the Buzz Saw I started at our sewing camp (retreat). I'm so pleased with it. DH very kindly helped me put the sandwich together. I've not decided exactly how I'm going to hand quilt it - but I've got a few ideas.

The weather here has been great over the last few days - so sunny.

Hope you all OK and have a great weekend.


Quilt Pixie said...

your drawings are great. I love the idea of doing no lines -- I can imagine that being a little less stress inducing....

verobirdie said...

I Wish i could draw like you! You seem to have fun!
I like the color of your buzz saw.

Meredith said...

I saw you blog link from quilting with a passion. You have a lovely blog. My local quilt store here in the USA is called the village quilter.