Friday, 19 October 2007

Drawing class

Well I'm being brave (again) and here are my drawings from the last 2 weeks of classes.
The one above was drawn using a stand and grid method. It was really hard work and not as much fun as the five minute sketches by a long way. I do think it's useful to do the exercises posed - just to see how you get on.
This is from this week. The idea was to draw the space around the objects - it's much more difficult that it sounds. I wasn't too pleased with this one so....

... this is the finished one. The space was drawn and then a spotlight was shon on the objects and we had to look for light and shade. Yes - that's a shadow of a tea cup and saucer. The comment I keeping from from the tutor is 'that's bold'. I'm taking that as a compliment. LOL.
Next week is half term so no class - just a bit of home work.
Tomorrow it's off to the Bramble Patch. It's bound to be a great day.
Have a good weekend.


Quilt Pixie said...

bold is good -- its strong, not weak and wimpy.... :-)

Selina said...

You go girl. Glad you're enjoying your classes.

I finally have a working laptop again and can re-create my list if favourites!