Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Humid days

Well - we're on about our third unbearable humid day. It's really hot, close and cloudy. However the plants don't seem to mind; although I think they could use some rain. Above are the geraniums in our front garden and below are my fantastic poppies - the are big and blousey.

And this lunch time in the village the garden of Michaelmas House was open - it's beautiful; very cottage garden. They also have a studio at the bottom of the garden where they display sculpture and paintings during the summer. The shop is great - a really good range of items and something to suit everones pocket.

Thanks again to those of you who are sending comments - it's so nice to hear from you all out there.


The Crafts House said...

the geraniums are really vivid..reminds me of a paint colour called "Periwinkle" by Decoart..

anne bebbington said...

I agree this humidity is so very wearing - roll on a thunder storm just to clear the air - it's like August not mid June. The geraniums are so pretty

Selina said...

Sounds like you've been having some nice days out. I took Jay to Borders tonight to get my Borders fix, as you're busy :-)

Unfortunately we've both come down with chest infections/colds this week, but I have Goth Bellydancing to look forward to over the weekend!!