Monday, 4 June 2007

Thr3fold - what a great day

Well what a great day I had yesterday at the launch of the thr3fold magazine. This is a photo of the room where the event was held at Ironbridge. The room was very light and airy and drinks were provided on arrival.
The day was made up of demonstrations and then a lecture explaining the works of Linda, Laura and Catherine (who form half of SIX).
I can't say how generous the hosts were with their explanations of the techniques they used within their art. Looking at the quilts after these explanations really added another dimension of appreciation of their work.
I was also really impressed with their sketchbooks - I've included a photo below of one of the pages(this is one of Catherine's). They had so much detail and really gave ideas about what you could do - really anything goes - you've just got to do it.

The next two photos show a quilt and the detail of one of Linda's quilts. I love how she has extended the photo transfer of the tree with painting the branches and trunk across the quilt. Also photo transfer has been used as the central blocks of the log cabins.

Within the lecture I noted a few interesting aspects of how they each approached their work, for example start with a title and set yourself or a group of you challenges. You may choose to chronicle a trip - which was another series of examples on display.
The magazine isn't cheap at £17.50 per edition but it is a quality publication and does include a CD which has high quality video clips, copyright free images and about another 50 pages of text. So really you're getting a book - which is the price you're paying with more immediate access than waiting for a book to come out. Please do have a look if you get the opportunity.
Apologies I didn't get to post last night but I was shattered and my head was buzzing with ideas. I hope the photos and description give you an idea of the day.

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Fiona said...

thanks for sharing - I enjoyed seeing the page from Catherine's sketchbook - it was inspiring. I'm only just getting into keeping a sketchbook and love looking at other people's