Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sewing in the village hall

Some of us from the quilting group met yesterday to sew in the village hall. The idea was we would start on the charity quilt we'll raffle in 2008. I know this makes us sound very organised, and we did make great progess; but we still seem to end up finishing them in May when the raffle is in June. We've made up lots of blocks and the idea is that we'll have a sticky sheet up dyuring the festival so visitors can arrange them.
We also got all the cushions together for the raffle. In spite of taking photos of all of these I forgot to take a picture of us all hard at work in the hall.
I also fioud a great buy in WH Smiths - Faber Castell PITT artists pens. WH Smiths is a very strange shop these days (neither one thing nor another) but their craft section sometimes has a few good finds.
Today I'm going to have a lazy day and try to tidy up - a never ending task. I think, like yesterday, it's going to be rather warm so I'd be best to stay in and not get sun burnt.

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Karol-Ann said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog via another blog I read. Sewing in the village hall sounds very sociable. I have enjoyed reading some of your posts. karol-ann