Thursday, 7 June 2007

More from Malvern.....

I thought I'd share some more of the fantastic quilts I saw at Malvern.
The first one (above) is detail from a quilt made by Mary Kent - Distant Horizon. The embellishment on this quilt was of a very high quality and was diverse. I think you could have stood and examined it for hours - it must have been very labour intensive.
'Diamond Ring' by Carole Galbraith was expertly pieced. A traditional design but used with very strong colours and just a delight to see.

Deja Vu by Mary Cunningsworth and Judy Laquidara was really well pieced. A simple design but the way fabrics were used was really impressive. They also entered another quilt called Light and Dark. Both quilts really needed to be viewed from a distance to see the effect of shading.

Memories of Japan by Barbara Keen was another example of fabrics well used and a simple design expertly pieced.

Ollie's Quilt by Kate Elgood. A funny quilt - which sometimes result in not being put together very well; this is an exception. There is lots of detail and need to be looked at closely to really appreciate it.

And finally (you'll be pleased to hear) is M&M's Sunbeam Spectacular by Barbara Webber and Amanda Hall. What a great quilt to end on. Great use of fabrics and the piecing was amazing. It really had lots to look at.
So - that's the last of the Malvern Photos for you all. I'll be taking lots at the NEC Festival of Quilts and hopefully they'll be better quality - I'll practise lots in the meantime.
I'm still plodding on with my huge quilt - I'm on the second border - which shouldn't take too long. And then the final border will take a while - but the end is in sight. I can't wait to put the binding on.

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Rose Marie said...

Lovely quilts ... thanks for sharing!