Thursday, 28 June 2007

Slow times....

I don't feel like I've really accomplished much recently - but when I thought a bit harder - I had.
One of the things I would really like to be to do is draw. Nothing fancy - just what I see and ideas in my head onto paper. I've always felt I couldn't. So, on one of my trips to Borders I had a look at the 'how to draw' books and bought 'The complete idiot's guide to drawing'. I started off and thought this is OK. Then I had to draw my hand - hmm I thought, this is where it all starts to go wrong - but it didn't - it actually looks like a hand. I was euphoric. Now - I'm not saying it's the best hand ever drawn - but it does look like a hand and is in proportion (ish). So I think there might be hope for me yet.
What I realised was all the time I was telling myself I couldn't draw, I didn't even try - when I tried I wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought I'd be. So for all of you out there with things you want to do but have convinced yourself you can't - give it a go. I'm sure you won't be anywhere as bad as you thought you'd be. I may brave later on and post some of the exercises but I'm still at the very early stages.
The other thing I want to improve is my machine quilting - ideally I'd like to wake up one morning, go on the machine and find I'm fantastic at it. However, I know what I need to do is do a bit each day, do the exercises and I will improve.
I've also been trying to sort out my craft room - it really is a mess and has lots of things in it that I haven't used for years - so there are some donations to friends being made - and lots more for the bin / recycling.
I'll have to go - the clutter calls.


anne bebbington said...

I'm not an expert by any means - I can sketch reasonably well but don't spend much time doing so - however I did O level Art and got a B in the days when you have to be exceptional to get an A and there were no such things as A*s. The best tip my art teacher (who was awesome) ever gave me was 'Draw what you actually see, NOT what you think you see' You know that a window is usually rectangular but from this angle say it won't appear so instead it looks rhomboid for instance. That's always stood me in good stead and it's why you see artists squinting at upheld paint brushes to get angles and relationships between objects right

MargaretR said...

Hi Sara Jayne, I had a GM called Sara Jane and if I'd had a daughter she would have been called that too.
I truly believe that being able to draw is just a matter of confidence, so tell yourself you can and you will. Thanks for your lovely comment on SerenTex

dizzyjadey said...

Just relax when you're drawing. I find that when I get into the zone is when I do my best drawings, but you really need to not think of anything else...also try not to have any expectations. You'll have a better time just exploring and not thinking about how you want your level of skill to be. Have fun!

Ooh yeah, I'm going to start practicing on my machine quilting a bit more, specially the free motion stuff. Just saw some very inspiring quilts today at the Sydney Quilt & Craft Show, methinks its time to start another quilt maybe.

Sarah said...

I know what you mean - I have a hard time putting in the time and practice needed for the things I want to have a better grasp on!