Monday, 11 June 2007

Stepping Out

Another day out today to Northampton and the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. They currently have an exhibition by Contemporary expressions, called 'Stepping Out'. As usual I didn't really know what to expect was I must say I really enjoyed it.
The detail above is from a quilt called 'Turkish Bathhouse Blues' by Ann Beech. The idea is that each of the exhibits was inspired by a shoe from their collection - Northampton was the centre of the shoe manufacture in the UK. You can see from the case below they included all of the inspirational shoes in the exhibition too. I thought this was a great idea - I sometimes don't quite get how an inspirational item has resulted in a piece of work. The exhibition was made up of 27 items - not all quilts, some were bowls, handbags, books, scarves. All were very interesting and the price list included a description of both the techniques used e.g printing onto pelmet vilene, photo transfer etc and also how the inspiration developed. If you live nearby it's worth a visit.

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